Adding Color Gallery

Abundance…using paintstiks, hand painted fabric and threads


Abundance began as an environmental challenge project sponsored by my guild, the Connecticut Piecemakers Quilt Guild.  I struggled with envisioning an image for this challenge until just a few days before the event.  It was essentially thread sketched as soon as the paint had dried and subsequently won a second place ribbon. Abundance is one of my favorite quilts.  Inspiration is a tricky character!


Petals…adding color with fabric and thread

Petals enjoyed a year of leisure as I tried to decide how best to thread sketch it after I had assembled the top.  Inspiration struck, affording me the opportunity to dig into my thread stash.  Using thread to add additional color and sparkle to this piece was sheer delight.



Coneflowers….Crayola colored pencils, Derwent Inktense blocks and threads


Derwent Inktense pencils were used to color the background, the flowers and the bee before adding thread.  Coloring the background before stitching lends a great deal more freedom to your stitching.quilt was a delight!





Daisies…Shiva Paintstiks were used for blending and shading before thread sketching

Blending and shading with Shiva Paintstiks is enormously gratifying for those of us who love color.  The possibilities are only limited by our visions, and the paintstiks we own, and yet there is a great deal of happy serendipity to both the process and the result.



Indian Summer…using companion fabrics to enhance the color of a panel along with thread sketching and free motion quilting


This quilt began its life as a simple panel but became a canvas for thread sketching and free motion quilting the background to make the flowers “pop” even more!  Choosing just the right free motion quilting stitch for the background made a great deal of difference.




Hugs II…using shirting to piece a background and silk ties for the butterflies…thread sketched background design



This quilt is entitled, “Hugs II” because each time my sister wraps it around herself she feels our Dad next to her.  All of the fabrics used in the background were pieces of Dad’s shirts, the butterflies are made of silk from his ties and his jeans were used for the binding.




This small quilt was a delight to work on….talk about eye candy!  The blending and shading were achieved with Shiva Paintstiks and the background was painted using Derwent Inktense blocks.  I enjoy using this particular color of blue in the background of my quilts as it reminds me of the sky which frames much of our world.

For those of us who love to quilt, color lends both inspiration and excitement to what we do.  Color can be added via thread, fabric or paint….or my most favorite…painted fabric.


Wishing you inspiration and color,