Bloom Where You Are Planted

I entered the 2019 Pantone Quilt Challenge in late March of this year. The 2019 color of the year is Living Coral which was to be the star of quilts in the challenge. I met the June 5th deadline without a moment to spare as I completed hand stitching the facing just last night.

Bloom Where You Are Planted
32” x 39”
Milford, Connecticut

By definition the term “challenge” means to engage in a contest of skill. I viewed this challenge as an opportunity to define my own process for art quilting as designing and assembling this quilt proved to be a personal challenge for me. So many decisions to be made from beginning to end. I learned quite a bit about pushing through to the other side of a viable solution as well as opening my mind to changes in my ultimate vision.

I’m thankful to have been a part of this challenge and look forward to the upcoming link party which will allow me to view the other quilts submitted in this challenge. I hope you will take the time to view them as well. Remember….Living Coral is the color of the day…ok the year.

Happy Quilting,



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