The Cottage…fabric postcard art

The Cottage

Well…this is me jumping back in!  I’ve used the time away to reorganize QuiltingsByKathy, to refine my skills and to realign my goals.  I’ve met a lot of inspirational and talented people on this journey and honestly look forward to meeting many more.  I learn something from everyone I meet.  One of the smartest things I did for myself, as well as the most enjoyable, was to join the Connecticut Piecemakers Quilt Guild in Trumbull, Ct.  The amount of talent, knowledge and skill collectively that amasses each time we gather is awe inspiring.  The presenters are some of the best in the U.S. and cover a wide range of quilting techniques and materials.  But what I love most about the guild is the willingness to share and give to those who need it, whether it be quilting-related with one of our members or to groups who work first hand with those less fortunate.

And…come Tuesday, September 19th, I will be presenting a class to the Ct Piecemakers on “The Cottage”, the fabric postcard art piece you see pictured above.  Each fabric postcard I’ve designed uses a focused technique and/or material.  One of the spell binding aspects of this form of quilting is that fabric postcards require a small amount of time and materials.  The perfect venue for trying something new.  I will be sharing a variety of ways to use this art form, including display and swapping.

Talk about meeting people….I have boxes of fabric postcards I’ve swapped with other enthusiasts from around the world…Australia, Germany, England, etc.  With each new fabric postcard that arrives in my mailbox I continue to learn something new again, whether it be the form of binding, a  technique, a new use for something old or even a new material I’ve not come across yet.

I hope you’ll check back with me following Tuesday’s class as I will be posting photos of the class.

I leave you today with my first thought of autumn….

Autumn Bluster

Happy stitching, Kathy