Sending Handmade Holiday Fabric Postcards

Each year I spend a great deal of time choosing holiday cards, writing individualized handwritten notes in each and addressing them to mail to family and friends….and each year I feel more old-school.  We’ve all become so accustomed to sending greetings via technology that holiday cards are feeling obsolete.  I admit to having a subscription  to an electronic card service that I use throughout the year,  not only because I can schedule to send the cards weeks beforehand, but because sending cards can be quite expensive.   Soooo…..I’ve been thinking recently of making my own holiday cards this year in the form of fabric postcards because “no one displays an email on a mantel or shows off a tweet on the fridge, or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures…”  Add to this the price of the cards.  Hmmmm….at this point I made myself a cup of mocha and gave it more thought….

Fabric postcards are unique and one of a kind for the most part as they are not mass produced.  I would be able to personalize each pc as to color, memorabilia, special interests, shared experiences, pets, photos….while also sending the message that they are worth the time to make something special for…a genuine expression of affection and caring  OR  I might design a new pc each year to send to everyone, much the same as buying a box of holiday cards.

On a more practical level, pc’s are real stash busters when it comes to materials and supplies.  They require scrap-size amounts of fabrics and use a small amount of fusibles and embellishments.  All of the materials and products I’ve purchased without an actual project in mind are fair game for this endeavor.  I have to say I thoroughly enjoy the entire process of making pc’s, from designing to embellishing to choosing the techniques.  I’m always working on exploring or refining my skills with either a new technique or with a new product….holiday pc’s offer the perfect opportunity… complete with a theme.  Pc’s are a small commitment in both time and materials.

The Star

Well…the mocha is gone and I’ve made my decision…I’ve decided to give this a try this season…I’ll continue to post my holiday pc’s as I complete them…would like to know what you think…what you would add…how you might make it yours…

Woodland Christmas Eve

Remember….handmade items are about people, their skill and the magic of their imagination….

Winter Destination