2016 Lancaster, Pa roadtrip!

…our 28th year!  Johnine and I took off this past Thursday morning to enjoy our yearly trek to the farmland of Lancaster.  How is it possible that each year it gets better?!?!  We first began our pilgrimage in 1987 and for many years attended the Quilters Heritage Celebration…one of the largest quilt shows with vendors and teachers from all over the US.  The show closed down for the last time a few years back and American Quilters Society picked up a spring show in Lancaster.

What makes us return with enthusiasm each year?  Well…Lancaster in the spring is always a few weeks ahead of the weather and growing season.  The air is softer and sweeter with the smell of blooming flowers and buds.  We’ve honed our skills and visit the best of fabric vendors…some of these are actually on Amish farms.  It doesn’t hurt that we solve all of our own and other’s problems along the way during the many hours of traveling in the car.  It’s wonderful to talk with an old friend who knows you so well.

But it’s the FABRIC!!!!  that sings our song!  The colors, the variety, the sheer amount and the prices are addicting.  Zooks Fabric Store was our haunt this trip as we visited it at least 5 times…and each time I’d find something I couldn’t leave behind…and all at 20% off.  Below are the names and addresses of some of the stores and vendors we enjoyed this trip:

Zook’s Fabric Store located at 3535 Old Philadelphia Pike in Intercourse, PA.

Log Cabin Quilt Shop located at 2679 Old Philadelphia Pike in Bird-in-Hand, PA.  It was here that I discovered The Potting Shed collection by Moda Fabrics…I think I have almost the entire collection.  It looks as if I’ll finally be making myself a lap quilt… but what pattern???The Potting Shed by Moda Fabrics

The Old Country Store located at 3510 Old Philadelphia Pike in Intercourse, PA

We normally visit Sauders Fabrics but as they’ve partnered with Zook’s we decided to try the Log Cabin Quilt Shop in it’s place.  A good choice as well.

Johnine and I are both expecting grand-daughters in the next few months and were especially on the lookout for quilt patterns for little girls.  Didn’t turn out to be as easy as we expected but I did manage to decide on one in spite of my desire NOT to make it princess-y or have anything to do with ballerinas.  I picture my soon-to-be-born grand-daughter, Mia, to be somewhat of a tomboy when it suits her and to love animals.  I’ll be posting each of the awesome animals as I put the quilt together.  The name of the quilt is “Dancing in the Moonlight” by Brandywine Designs.

One of the things I was able to accomplish this year was to purchase fabric license plates from stores I wouldn’t have been able to visit otherwise.  Check out what’s going on at the Row by Row Studio and get in on the fun this summer.

Johnine and I are investigating a trip to Paducah later this year…890 miles..



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