Pantone quilt fabric update

I promised an update to my fabric stash….and here it is! I spent an afternoon painting what I hoped to represent Living Coral in conjunction with colors found along side it in nature. I painted pink coral, orange coral, ribbons of each side-by-side and coral with shades of lemon yellow. I couldn’t help adding a bit of bling in the form of “fairy” glitter to the yellow. I sponge painted a few pieces as well in order to offer a variety of textures and blended color. I’m thinking of painting an additional piece using salt. This really was a labor of love as I enjoy coral anything.

What choices for fussy cutting!

I think tomorrow will bring a round of painting similar colors along with the addition of salt to the fabric just before it begins to dry. I find painting my own fabric to be addicting. I taught myself to paint out of a sheer need to work with fabric that matched the colors in my “mind’s eye” instead of trying to be satisfied with what I was able to find. I’m soooo much happier!

Well….now onto my saved box of previously hand painted fabrics to find colors to make the living coral POP! I’ll post photos of the ones I choose.


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