The Art of Inspiration

Inspiration:  the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

If you’re here and reading this post, then you know the sound of  inspiration when it calls to you.  Any moment I allow my mind to wander, I find myself looking about for unique color combinations, particularly environmental colors, landscape features that capture my interest and mentally sifting through techniques that would help to recreate the current view.  I’ve learned the value of keeping a journal close at hand in order to note what has caught my interest, to document my thoughts, loosely sketch and/or list a technique or two.  Typically I take a few photos with my phone, always looking to capture the essence of the texture, and note the date in my journal as well.  Here is a detail photo of a much larger photo I had taken while on a vacation.  Oh the color…and the possibilities!

I’ve spent time considering where I find myself searching for additional inspiration and have thus far compiled the following list:

photos, fabric, websites such as Pinterest, store windows, views from my own windows, books, magazines and most recently my own sketches inspired sometimes simply by a mood I’m trying to create.  Most often what excites me is a small detail that makes its way into the “bigger picture”.  One of the tools I’ve been using to paint fabric are simple paint chips from home improvement stores.  They offer the opportunity to discover just the right color to paint your fabric and ability to determine companion colors without yet putting brush to fabric.

Sew many ideas!  Where do you find inspiration?


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