Snowflake challenge

The only thing more enjoyable than creating a fabric postcard is swapping one…particularly with someone you’ve never met…whether domestically or internationally.  Often times you’re working to interpret a theme, be it a season, holiday, color, etc.   The most fun to receive though are those labeled “maker’s choice.”  There’s no telling what might land in your mailbox.  Available materials, new techniques, cultural traditions and imagination all play into the design of “maker’s choice.”

Each of these groups are initially restricted meaning you simply need to ask permission to join.  You are typically quickly added to the group giving you access to all of the files and swaps.  The next thing you will notice is that the groups are also “closed” so that only members have access to what is posted, both text and photos. This is especially nice on the Facebook sites as this information does not populate my news feed and travel into that of friends and family who might be as enthusiastic.

The Star

The following is a short list of the fabric postcard swaps I have enjoyed firsthand:

I highly recommend checking out these four fabric postcard swaps as I have been

Winter Destination

involved with each over many years time.  I have always found members to be supportive, informative, patient and kind.

So reach out and prepare to be thrilled when you receive a fabric postcard in return from Australia, Germany, UK, Ireland, etc…

Start building your collection of received fabric postcards…

Sew inspirational!